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A Coaching a day, keeps the problem away - But do you really know what Coaching is? How is it different from other methods?

Currently Coaching is everybody's darling. One in five people (19%) saw an ROI of 50 times when it comes to investing in Coaching, while a further 28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times, according to the ICF (International Coach Federation) Global Coaching Client Study. But what is Coaching exactly, when is Coaching the right method for improvement and how is it different from Mentoring or Supervision?

In order to suppor you in being able to defining what Coaching really is, we created this informative Coaching Download Bundle including the following materials:

Coaching Check Reader: Helps you to define a clear picture of what Coaching really is and if Coaching is the right development measure to increase your success at work and in daily life.

Inner Drivers Assessment: Provides you with a Coaching tool to become aware which inner drivers influence your behavior the most. The assessment will help you find out your unconscious drivers, reduce excessive factors and get aware of underdeveloped drivers.

Exemplary Coaching ApproachExplore our professional coaching approach and how you could benefit from it.

If you are currently looking for professional Coaching support in your organization, our team will answer your question and develop a solution with you.

The download bundle contains two PDF files and one excel file.

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