The Value Profile™

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The Value Profile is an online instrument which identifies present motivations of employees, managers, teams and organizations at the time of the survey. The description of these motivations is based on the theory of Prof. Clare W. Graves. The instrument also measures the values within the organization as well as the desired change of values.


Fields of application:

Within deployment, team and project work

You are able to consider and adjust your employees’ set of values regarding  communication, cooperation and responsibility assignment
You are able to choose employees with values fitting to their tasks and to the value structure of their colleagues


During crisis and conflicts

You will get a better understanding of the reasons for conflicts instead of fighting only against the symptoms.


In creating strategy, leadership and change

You get access to the strongest personal structure and performance parameters for organization and leadership.
You get a clear picture of wether your employees, culture and strategy match with each other.
You create change processes that consider the value profiles of your employees


Products related to the Value Profile

1. Personal Value Profile
    Personal Value Profile with online explanation
    € 100.00 per profile
    (€ 75.00 pp for a minimum quantity of 25 profiles)
    (€ 65.00 pp for a minimum quantity of 50 profiles)


2. Team Value Profile
    Team Value Profile™ for max. 15 people, team result € 150.00

3. Team and Organization Value Profiles combined with (price on application) Personal Value Profile


Background information of the Value Profile™ download is only available in German!

You will receive the access data for your profile evaluation shortly after your order.


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