The Johari Window - Online Analysis Tool

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The Johari Window – Online Analysis Tool

The JOHARI Window is a simplified model assessing a relationship based on how a person or a group share or receive information. The quality and nature of the relationship is directly affected by how much information is shared, and how good or complete this information is.

Information (about me, us, our relationship, or some other factor affecting you/me/us) may be known or not known to one side of the relationship, and simultaneously known or not known to the other. This matrix can be visualized as a square with four quadrants, labelled accordingly arena (public sphere – what both parties know), façade (private sphere – what I know but you don’t), blind spot (recognized potential – what you know but I don’t), and unknown (hidden potential – what neither party knows). 

The nature of the relationship can be affected by receiving feedback (reducing the right hand column), or by revealing more about ones own side of the equations (reducing the bottom row). 


In the Online Questionnaire will be questions concerning the following areas:

Part I: Relationships with Employees
Part II: Relationships with Colleagues
Part III: Relationships with Supervisors


Here you will find a PDF document with a full explanation: Johari Window


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