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The Conflict Profile is a tool designed to motivate self reflection. Groups and individuals within a company who are looking to understand their ability to manage conflicts and disruptions in the workplace can utilize this tool to assess their personal approach to conflicts and improve it.By applying 10 different criteria, the Conflict Profile provides insight into how the surveyed groups perceive their own ability to manage conflict.

1.   Conflicts are directly and openly addressed.
2.   Conflicts don’t lead to rumors.
3.   Conflict resolution is assessed together.
4.   Those affected are incorporated into overcoming conflicts.
5.   Individuals have the ability to be self-critical.
6.   Conflict management is solution oriented.
7.   Feelings are encouraged when managing conflicts.
8.   Conflict resolution follows a win-win concept.
9.   Respect and appreciation among colleagues
10. Rules are present in conflict situations.

With the help of the questionnaire, the opinions of the group regarding conflict management become apparent. What strengths does the group recognize? Where do they see action being taken? Answers to these questions and more help inform the group how to improve their approach to conflicts.

The Conflict Profile consists of three components.


A. Excel-File „A. Feedback-giver questionnaire“
B. Excel-File „B. Feedback-taker evaluation“
C. PDF-File „C. Conflict Profile guide“


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